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Tara's guest appearance on

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Tara with Quinnipiac University's "Boomer the Bobcat" at 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men's Ice Hockey Regionals in Allentown, PA.

"Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL reading for my Fancy this morning, Tara! Your special message meant so much to me and I thank you for that. You have a wonderful way of connecting to our passed fur babies. Fancy will forever be in my heart."


V.P., New Hampshire 

As early as elementary school, I knew I was "different". I was very sensitive to other people's energy- I often felt disconnected from my peers and sometimes lonely. My family cats were my friends and an eternal source of love and support. 

As time went on and I grew into adolescence, I experienced psychic phenomena, but didn't realize what was happening because I didn't know what it was.  When I was 22 years old, I acquired my first tarot deck, but rarely used it. It eventually wound up in the back of my closet and forgotten. This changed 22 years later when a dear friend, "K," passed away. K led me on a journey to recognize my intuitive abilities of Animal Communication, Reiki, and Tarot. When K crossed over, my 17 year old cat was nearing the end of her life span. This was heart wrenching, but from the other side, K intuitively guided me to hover my hands over my cat. I had no idea what I was doing, but trusted her guidance and did as directed. To my astonishment, my cat lived several months longer than we expected! Some time after my cat passed, I discovered that K had been guiding me to do animal reiki. Back then, I hadn't even known what reiki was! I felt so thankful for K's gift of extra time with my cat- my 2 decade companion.


When my cat finally crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I was crushed. How can a woman with adult responsibilities, a husband and 2 young kids feel completely knocked to the ground and overwhelmingly grief stricken over a pet? I was certainly busy with enough to do, yet I was devastated... I was looking for answers, something  to help me cope with my wound and void. During a meditation I heard, "There will be new loves". And then there were!  Several rounds of sweet foster kittens found ME, I met new, extraordinary friends, and unexpectedly began studying subjects that ignited my passion. The Universe had my back the entire time- I just hadn't been able to see it!


It's my heartwarming mission to work with animals to enhance their humans' lives. I utilize not only my scholastic instruction, but also my life experiences during my readings- I know how difficult life can be to navigate at times. It's an honor for me to connect humans and their pets- to witness the understanding, healing, or grief progress that evolves during an animal communication session.


Pets ARE family. Pets animate our houses. Pets are reliable, when many humans are not. They brighten and beautify our lives. My lifelong love of cats accompanies me wherever I go- they even find me at hockey rinks :)