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Intuitive Animal Services

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Intuitive Animal Communication Readings

Via Phone or Zoom

"Tara is super friendly and easy to talk to. Her animal reading was very interesting. I got lots of valuable information, not only about my pet, but about myself and our relationship. Highly recommended."

P.S., New York

Tara can connect to your living pets, as well as your pets that have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.  She has connected her clients to the following domesticated pets: cats, dogs, horses, birds, pigs, squirrels, and the following wild animals: squirrels, foxes, sparrows, turkey vultures and crows. 

  • Are you wondering about your pet's quirky behavior?

  • Do you have concerns your animal needs something more than you're already giving?

  • Are you missing your beloved pet on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge?

  • Curious about the lessons your pet is teaching you?

Tara will intuitively connect to your living animal to help you make sense of your situation. Pets often relay information on their likes, dislikes, fears and inclinations, while adding in a good laugh or two!


Tara will intuitively connect to your Rainbow Bridge pet to relay messages, provide reassurance and ease your grief. Pets often relay comforting memories and sentiments.


Clients say Tara's readings give them a new understanding of their living pets, leading to a better bond. Rainbow Bridge readings often bring forth a sense of peace. 

30-minute intuitive readings are great for 2 or 3 questions of 1 animal $62

60-minute intuitive readings are recommended for clients who have  questions for 2 or 3 animals or who are heavily grieving.  $119

Please be advised Animal Communication Readings should not be used in place of veterinary care, animal training, or animal behaviorist services. If you have health or behavioral concerns regarding your animal, please contact a veterinarian, trainer, or behaviorist.

Once purchased, Tara will email your PayPal address to arrange a time and date for your session. In an effort to accommodate all schedules, daytime, evening, & weekend appointments are available.

24 hour cancellation notice required for a refund

Please contact Tara directly for party pricing.

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