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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Animal Communication

How do I prepare for a reading? 

Preparing for a reading is quick & easy- find a quiet place and try to clear your mind so you can be fully focused without distraction. Also, be open to unexpected information coming through in the reading- often people go into a reading intending to hear about a specific interest, but their animal may feel a topic is of a higher priority and bring it forth.  It is also helpful to have a pen and paper on hand to jot down information, as you may want to reflect on it later.

Please have 1 question ready for your animal. Tara strongly encourages "open ended" questions, rather than yes/no questions, because open ended questions allow more info to flow through. For example: "Is my pet happy?" will not yield as much helpful information  as "What can I do to help foster a stronger relationship with my dog?"

Does my pet need to be with me during the reading? Should I send a photo of my pet prior to the reading?

Tara connects energetically to your animal, so you pet does not need to be with you, and a photo is not needed. 

Can my pet be napping during the reading? My pet passed away, can Tara connect with him/her?

Tara connects energetically with any animal, so she is able to do readings on napping and Rainbow Bridge pets.

What animals has Tara read?

Tara can connect to your living pets, as well as your pets that have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.  She has connected her clients to the following domesticated pets: cats, dogs, horses, birds, pigs, bunnies, squirrels, and the following wild animals: squirrels, foxes, sparrows, turkey vultures and crows. 

What can I expect during a reading? 

Tara will connect to you for your personality, then she will ask for your pet's name and species. This information will enable her to connect to your pet for your pet's personality. If your pet is alive, Tara will do a body mapping to relay to you what it feels like to be in your pet's body. (If your pet is over the Rainbow Bridge, a body mapping is not necessary).  After this, you can ask your question (see above "How to Prepare for a Reading").

Can I have a reading while I'm at work/in my office?

Tara has done several readings for clients while they've been at their office. Please make sure your surroundings are quiet, so you can be fully focused on the reading. However, if you'll be distracted or interrupted by co-workers/phone calls, it's preferable to be in a quiet place (even sit in your car), or to schedule your reading when you'll be home. Please do not join your reading session from a loud, public place. 

Does Tara use tarot cards during an animal communication reading?

Tara does not use her tarot or oracle cards decks during an animal communication reading, she connects directly to you and directly to your animal. However, the animals know Tara is knowledgeable on cards, and will occasionally show her a card as a way of pushing their message through. When this happens, Tara will relay the image on the card to you.

Does Tara find lost pets?

Tara does not offer this service.

Tarot, Oracle & Angel Card Readings

How do I prepare for a reading? 

Please see answer above for Animal Communication. 


Please have 1 question ready for your card reading. Tara strongly encourages "open ended" questions, rather than yes/no questions, because open ended questions allow more ideas to come forth. For example: "Will my team win the championship?" will not yield as much helpful information  as "What should I work on to have personal successes this season?"

Do cards predict the future?

Card spreads are a current snapshot in time. Humans have free will to make decisions/take action to initiate change. 

Does Tara choose the cards, or do I choose the cards?

After Tara shuffles, you will choose your cards from the deck.

I would like a reading, but am nervous- what are my options?

If you have concerns, please let Tara know when you book your appointment. She can choose a deck for you that has soft imagery and colors. 

Does Tara do readings on legal or medical matters?

Tara does not do legal or medical readings. If you have legal or medical concerns, please contact a physician or attorney.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video conferencing service. Additional information is available at

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