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Meet Tara


Welcome to my website I'm happy you arrived!

My path was written in the stars, just as yours! Growing up I sometimes felt a little lonely and eccentric, definitely sensitive, and never quite “fit in.” I could sense energetic expressions in a room and often "felt" and “knew” things that others didn’t… it wasn't until much later that I realized other people were not having these same experiences. Though this was a confusing time, I was always surrounded by my family's  cats who  provided companionship and positivity. When I was 22, I acquired my first Tarot deck. I was enamored with it, but it soon took a backseat to work, marriage, kids, life.

I was reacquainted with my intuitive development when a close friend, “K,” passed away. At that time, my 17 year old cat was near the end of her life span. From the other side, I felt “K” guiding me to hover my hands over my cat’s body for periods of time. I had no idea why she directed me to do this, but I trusted her and followed suit. My cat wound up living several months more than the vet expected.


Once I discovered that “K” had guided me to do Reiki to help my cat, I took classes in Usiu Reiki, Holy Fire® Reiki III and Karuna® Reiki. After my certifications, neighborhood dogs began laying at my feet; they were picking up on the new energy. "K" also led me to resume Tarot card reading and study other lightwork, including Animal Communication. It is now my honor to connect humans to their pets – to behold the  beautiful understanding, healing or grief progress that evolves during an animal communication session.


Clients ask me “Which is your favorite - Tarot Card Readings or Animal Communication Sessions?” Oh, that is a tough one; it's like choosing between two kids! The animals share such wisdom, yet Tarot Cards are my first love. All I know is that I can’t live without either!

It took me years to get "here," and I continue to grow. Recently the featured guest on an episode of The Psychic Wives, a national podcast, I've also worked at Psychic Fairs, Farmers Markets and Holiday Boutiques,  and read for clients on Zoom throughout the United States, an in Europe, and India. It's exciting to dream of the future, but I try to focus on enjoying my present. 

Thank you for visiting my website! I would love to read for you, and wish you blessings, wonder, and love as you walk your life path!

"Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL reading for my Fancy this morning, Tara! Your special message meant so much to me and I thank you for that. You have a wonderful way of connecting to our passed fur babies. Fancy will forever be in my heart."


V.P., New Hampshire