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Tara Lewin
 Professional Intuitive

Sacred Readings

Tarot, Oracle & Angel Cards

Animal Communication

~ Nurturing Your Self Discovery ~

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Tara considers her intuitive work to be very sacred
and reads from her heart.

"Tara is a gifted Tarot Card reader. I clearly remember the first reading that I had with her. She picked up many things about me which I never told her, and they were actually correct. Since then I have had many readings done from her. I love her energy" 
-A.P., India, 12/2/22.

"I’ve had readings with Tara - and I can’t ever rightfully communicate how much peace I felt knowing my pets were safe on the o
ther side of the rainbow bridge. Her gift helped our family to begin healing. I fully and absolutely recommend her services. She is a talented person of unimpeachable integrity and compassion"
-J.B., NY, 9/29/22.

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Tara sees, hears, feels and 'knows' information, and then delivers these impressions to you in a clear and caring manner. Whether you choose a Tarot Reading or Animal Communication, it is her honor to uncover insightful messages for your own personal growth and self-discovery.

"Just had an enlightening animal reading with Tara. She was spot-on and helpful with my pet pig Sophia"

-B.B., NJ, 10/3/22.

"I was referred to Tara through a friend.  I had never used an animal communicator and didn't know what to expect.  The session far exceeded my expectations.  What Tara communicated to me from my cats was so accurate that it had me in tears.  Everything she said was dead on right.  I plan on using Tara's services again and I highly recommend her"

-A.P., NJ, 9/21/22.

In-Person Readings: 

Thu. 11/9 Booked for private party

Sat. 11/11/23, 11am-4:30pm

The Curious Heart Shop, Westfield, NJ

$65 for 30 min., Animal Readings only

Please call to book: (856) 506-3593

Sun. 11/12/23, 2-6pm

10th Annual Market

1st Congregational Church, Westfield, NJ

15 min. Tarot Readings, walk-ins only

Wed. 11/15/23

Forevergreen Soap Shop, Westfield, NJ

$25 for 15 min, Tarot Readings only

Please contact Tara for an appointment

Walk-ins welcome based on availability

Sun. 11/26/23, 11am-3pm

MettaCasa Holiday Boutique, Scotch Plains, NJ

15 min. readings, Tarot only

Thu. 11/30/23, 4-8pm

Chester Country Furnishings, Chester, NJ

$25 for 15 min. Tarot Readings

Walk-ins only

Sat. 12/02/23

Forevergreen Soap, Westfield, NJ

$25 for 15 min, Tarot Readings only

Please contact Tara for appointment

Walk-ins welcome based on availability

Fri. 12/08/23 Booked for private party

Sat. 12/09/23

Holiday Fair at eZential Wellness, Branchburg, NJ

Walk-ins only

"Oh wow, that's legit. It's crazy you just did that!"

-P.J., NJ, 10/15/22.

What wisdom would the Cards or your pet like to share with you today?

What to Expect from an Animal Reading

"To be able to connect with my beloved dog Layla again was a treasure beyond words. Thank you for bringing peace to my heart to let me know there was nothing I could have done to save her and that she was not in any pain. You provided so much validation to many things I already sensed and felt. You also got her personality perfectly- she loved to dance and wiggle with excitement! It was also funny that she thinks I need more jewelry to make me feel beautiful!  I felt her presence with me when I was home last night. Thank you for such a wonderful gift! You are truly talented and this is certainly your calling!"

S. H., New Jersey

What to Expect from a Tarot Reading 

(please play video at full volume)

"Tara has read tarot for me several times. Tara herself is sweet, focused, and takes her messages seriously. She has a true gift for tarot and that comes through in her clear message deliveries. She seems to 'know' when to ask and get more information and when it's time to move on to a different subject. I always feel clear and less burdened with life after seeing Tara. She has a true gift."

P.S., New Jersey

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Thank you!

Please contact Tara directly for party pricing.

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